Ryoya ANDO

I am Ryoya ANDO (安藤 遼哉 in Japanecse), a doctoral student at Tokyo University of Science (TUS).

Studying on Commutative Algebra, especially Non-Noetherian rings.

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E-mail: ryoya31026 [at] gmail.com (Deprecated andou [at] ma.noda.tus.ac.jp )

For more information , see CV.

Research Areas

  • Commutative Algebra (Commutative ring)
  • Homological Algebra
  • Algebraic Geometry


  • Non Noetherian ring (Extension of theory about Noetherian rings to NON-Noetherian rings)
  • Derived category
  • Homological Conjecture
  • Mathematical logic (especially, Axiom of Choice and Grothendieck Universe)
  • Competitive programming (AtCoder : Ando_CA)

Conference Activities

I am a managar of the following online seminars.

慶應理科大オンラインセミナー (URL: https://sites.google.com/view/keio-rikadai-online-seminar/)